Re: Security RedHat 9

tg@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
OK, would like to know exact patch-url and how to manage the upgrade
at the console...if that is possible....

For the RH9 repository you have instructions at

You will need to install the apt tool and then configure it, everything is described at the download page I gave the URL to.

For iptables rules, you can look at

I advice you test your script on a local computer, and see that things works as they should before you use it on the remote machine (in worst case you could lock yourself out).

For ssh, see that in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config you have

Protocol 2
MaxAuthTries 3

The old protocol 1 is quite insecure and I would advice you to use an alternative port than 22, as there are all to many script-kiddies who tries to force themselves in on ssh, you get shorter logs that way.

Good tools to isntall (if you don't find those in the apt repository) are


These won't make the remote machine more secure, but will give you warnings when something may have happen, rkhunter will even give you tips on securing your system.