$ 385.00 US

I currently have a box with Linux Mint (Bea) on it and all is well but want another general purpose box to try different distro's on, hows a 3 GHz P4, 512 MB RAM, integrated S3 graphics for $ 385.00 - should I wait for non Vista boxes ?

Printers: No Printer Selected
CD/DVD Drives: No Second Optical Drive Selected
Modems: No Modem Selected
Monitors: No Monitor Selected
Networking: Integrated 10/100 Network Adapter
Software: DOS
Speakers: No Speakers Selected
Hard Disk Drives: No second hard drive selected
Keyboards / Mice / Input: PS/2 Scroll Mouse Black
Warranty: No Floppy Drive Selected
Keyboards / Mice / Input: 104 Keyboard Black PS/2
Removable Data Storage: No Card Reader Selected
Accessories: 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Hard Disk Drives: 80GB 7200RPM ATA100 IDE Hard Drive
Accessories: No Firewire Card Selected
Memory: 512MB DDR2 PC4200 Non-ECC Memory (512MB x 1)
Power Protection: No Power Protection
CD/DVD Drives: 52X32X52/16x CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
Video / Graphics Cards: Integrated S3 Unichrome Pro Graphics
Components: Integrated 6 Channel Audio
Processors: Intel P4 CPU 531 3.0 GHz/800FSB/1M S775
Power Protection: Ultra 6 Outlet Surge w/ Modem & Fax Protection
Accessories: Non-Brand mATX PC Branding Pack
Accessories: MATX Chassis w/ 300W PS & P4M800 Pro Motherboard
Accessories: Intel Celeron/P4 No O/S

Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx

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