Re: Dell pushing linux

Moe Trin wrote:
On Sat, 31 Mar 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup alt.linux, in article
<5772riF2ar9lpU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, J.O. Aho wrote:

Yes, microsoft has a vault with all the balls of "manufacturers" uses
OEM-microsoft on their computers, as the deal is quite simple, the more
copies of OEM-microsoft a "manufacturers" uses, the cheaper each copy
will be, each returned copy from a user will make the copies more

Are they actually accepting the returned copies? I'd heard that is was
a package deal - the computer comes with software, and if you don't want
the software, you don't get to keep the hardware either (or at the very
least, it voids what little warranty you get with the computer - not that
it will be honored either).

Dell and Acer has accepted users to return their copies, Acer has a form that
you can download fill and then send it back with the license/copy.
One of the common arguments from the "manufacturers" is that it's a one
package and you can't split it, but thats opposite what the ms-EULA says.

Sadly the only manufacturers that does have pre-installed Linux on all
their boxes sells only for the Chinese market, we would need them to
sell overseas too.

Some of us can find local box-shifters who are happy to build what the
customer specifies. Talk to them about volume, and you can get the
prices down and service up.

Try to get a laptop that way, it's not that easy (even if it's possible) and I
don't think most people will know about other places than the big electronic
stores which only advertises microsoft-boxes.

EU is all to slow on breaking microsofts monopoly on the pre-installed
OS (Apple is just a piss in the Mississippi),

Even in the late 1970s, and into 1981, Apple was not competition. Apple
lives in a different solar system.

Still microsoft uses apple as an argument hat they aren't having a monopoly.

and thanks for you paid 125 euro extra for the computer, as we know you
won't use a such buggy operating system".
Definitely shopping at the wrong store.

Of course you always buy your computer in the wrong store if you get microsoft
pre-installed, but some computers you can't build yourself and you have no
other option and according to some "manufacturers" the value of the
software/licenses is around 125 euro, which means you have paid that amount
too much for the computer and should be entitled to that sum if returning the
licenses (you generally only get around 50 euro, if you get to return the

And if pointyhair Novell dumbasses think their recent deal with the
devil is any different, they are in for a very rude surprise.

Novell hasn't done anything of interest since NetWare 4.1, back in...

Novell is just used to be f**k by microsoft, so they happily signs any
kind of agreement/contract with microsoft without even reading it.

In defense of the two or three BYU trained lawyers Novell still has on
their staff, I don't think they are _quite_ this bad. Their stock-holders
would take them through the cleaners with the assistance of the SEC in a

Why pay money to microsoft for Linux? microsoft hasn't been able to show that
any code in GNU/Linux has been stolen from their products.