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Moe Trin wrote:
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Moe Trin wrote:

dos4ever© wrote:

We used to have Friday the 13th parties in the old days......
even when (like last month) Friday the 13th came on a Tuesday.[1]

[1] Let's see if anyone remembers _that_ line.
Churchy Lafemme (Pogo)

Are you remembering that from the original 1950s strips, or from the
the reprints of the books in the late 1970s? ;-)

From the same period, had you heard that Johnny Hart died last week?
("BC", and with Brant Parker, "The Wizard of ID") He was 76.

Old guy

In between, the strips were printed here in Canada in (I think) The Globe and Mail. I'm pretty sure I was still living in Montreal which puts it before 1978.

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