Re: Programming Languages / IDEs

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 10:00:44 +0000, Rob wrote:

I would like to learn a Language to write applications in Linux.

I am not a professional by any means the Language I am most familiar
with is Visual Foxpro. I have done things in Visual Basic as well.

(I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time before they appear on

This is what I have found so far.

C++ KDevelop
Pascal Lazarus (Looks very impressive)

Any other suggestions?

I tried learning C with a book long time ago and found it was too hard.

I hear that C++ is quite difficult to learn

With Lazarus I could use books on Delphi to Learn both the language and
the IDE

So what do you suggest? How did you learn your programming skills?

Do I try and find a course on C++ and see if I can work out KDevelop ?
(I don't even know what program to launch)

Do I try to learn Lazarus from books on Delphi?

FWIW - I've recently dowloaded and installed realbasic (from It's fairly simple to install. Interface seems similar
to VB as I recall. I've also installed Sun Studio - I was able to install
and get it running on Fedora8 - was not successful on Ubuntu. This seems
to be related to several rpms in the package. I've not yet run it, but
seems promising for C/C++/Fortan projects.

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