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>I am going to buy a laptop in near future. As you can imagine I am a
> linux user, so I would like to buy a linux friendly laptop.

Smart move

Thanks :) I moved to linux around 2002, or 2003. I have windows's
hardware.. My sound card, modem did not work. These days I check b4 I


Normal for the crappy winmodems not to function in linux. Also it took some time for all the sound card drivers to be fully functional


> Yesterday, I went to a computer retail store, and I was going to buy
> Toshiba Laptop Dual Core. Salesman told me that laptop doesn't come
> with operating sytem nor driver! I would need to be an extera $100
> dollar for it.

Most unusual. This is the first I have heard of Toshiba bypassing the
Microsoft tax.

The ad says that Vista basic is included.
See comment at bottom of my reply

Yes, this is why I was so surprise. So, I called Future Shope (the on
Young St. & Dundas). IT tech just told me that Laptop does come with
Windows Vista, however, they are not giving Operating System's Cd, nor
drivers' on a disk... I need the drivers, and OS disk b/c I would to
dual boot it. which means I would partition the hard drive into three
or even four. I need Windows for my college application.

> I have never a bought a readymade computer. I always assume built
> computer comes with CD drivers, and all the software and operating
> system installed in it.

The usual licencing agreement forced on manufacturers by MS requires a
licence for each machine manufactured, even if user does not want Vista.

> Am I wrong?


> PS: I was going to buy Toshiba Laptop; this is the link
> Toshiba Satellite Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 1.66GHz Laptop (A200-FT1) -
> Future Shop Exclusive

These days, you do not get a windows cd with the computer. Instead, the
windows approved image is on a hidden partition on the hard drive. This is
fine if you need to reinstall, but is bad news if your hard drive fails.

This is not good... I have a habit of reinstalled Linux, and Windows
OS, time to time.. I rather they gave me drivers, and Windows OS on a
CD or DVD...


It is not really a problem, the restore partition is an image of a completed proper windows install, with all drivers and devices configured to work properly in the default configuration. Just restore and go. As if you did a full backup immediately after installation, then restored it

Linux will install grub or lilo into the mbr, but will keep the old mbr to restore usual windows boot. The system restore of windows should not affect the linux install, as long as you do not let the resore format the hard drive. Do that yourself first.
Would be wise to test this before you put anything significant on the computer

Windows on a cd would be a retail version, capable of being installed on another machine, and your oem licence is valid only for that specific computer.


I have an Acer 5101, and it uses this method. I shrank the partition and
installed mandriva 2007 in the free pace at the end of the drive. Worked
perfectly - even the wireless configured itself properly.

I still have XP for when I need it, but I can use linux in unsecured hot
spots with very little risk or worry.

I don't know the 'retail' value of vista home basic, but I understand (and
could be way wrong on this) that the manufacturers only pay about $30 for a
licence, so that is the maximum you could expect to have taken off the
retail price to buy it without vista ( if that is even possible)

A caution about Future Shop - I buy a fair bit of stuff from them, but I
have found that the salesmen are somewhat less than fully informed about
their products.