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I plan on it, my ISP is beyond crap!

Bruce Coryell <bcory...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
mitchell wrote:
The modem I'm interested in is:
 Lucent Venus Chip 56K PCI Hardware Modem Windows-Linux - eBay (item

If anyone knows of this modem I would be most grateful on there
comments, granted I know it says it is for Linux but that is what the
last person said about another modem I purchased off EBay, hell it
wouldn't even work under winblowz and that was after re-compiling the
kernel and downloading a "special" rpm package.

I think that says more about FleeBay than about modems for Linux.

That is a very good choice for Linux - it is a hardware modem, as
opposed to a "winmodem", and I think most, if not all, Linux distros
will support it natively.  I use it myself with CentOS...

The Venus chipset is a real modem. According to Rob Clark's old
winmodem web page (the Modem-HOWTO lists two URLs for the page, but it
hasn't been updated since 2003), this chipset was used in v.90 ISA, PCI
and RS-232 externals. For PCI modems, he listed

OK 2H9TAI-34597-M5-E L56DV Pragmatic I56LVP-F3, Lucent Venus chipset - -
   PCI Matt

Multi-Tech Systems
OK AU7USA-27014-MM-E L56DV MultiModem PCI, Model MT5634ZPX-PCI
   (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0480&SUBSYS_048011C1), Lucent Venus chipset * No PCI
   Thor Johnson, MultiTech Sales

Digitan Systems
OK G2MUSA-33941-M5-E
   BDNUSA-27926-M5-E L56DV 56K PCI Data/Fax Controller-based Modem Digitan
   Model DS560-558, Zoom 2920/1125/H08-15002, Lucent 1673 (Venus) chipset
   (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0480&SUBSYS_048011C1) * No PCI Gene

OK LNQUSA-33437-M5-E L56DV Actiontec Model PCI56012-01/PM560LKi; Gateway
   Telepath 6001022 "Deadwood"; GVC Model MD0223; IBM Model 33L4618, PCI
   V.90 56 D/F Controller-based Modem, Lucent Venus chipset
   (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0480&SUBSYS_04801668) * No PCI Bill Pier
OK LNQUSA-33895-M5-E L56DV Model PCI56012-01CW/PM560LKC Call-Waiting
   modem, Lucent Venus chipset (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0480&SUBSYS_05001668) * No
   PCI Marisa, Gus Palandri

You mention 2008.1 which I'm guessing would be Mandriva. That should work
just fine. Modems using this chipset have been used with virtually no
effort as far back as the original release of Mandrake ten years ago.
When you boot after installing the modem, look at the file
/var/log/messages, and look to see where the kernel driver has found the
serial port.  You _may_ need to create a soft link for /dev/modem if the
device isn't on /dev/ttyS0 through /dev/ttyS3 (which is all most so-called
helper programs think about).

yes Mandriva, upon getting the DVD of 2008.1 I plan on doing a new/
fresh install and putting winblowz in "file 13" for good, only using
it just to get the parts I need for the new box and putting this thing
back in the closet....

Thanks, I thought it was hardware (couldn't really tell from the pic
it showed),

Unless you really know the hardware, the picture isn't going to tell you
anything useful.

only thing is if I need any parts or such I have to special order them,
NOBODIES carries anything for Linux in my area in the stores.

It's really not that different elsewhere. The sales-droids at the local
big-box stores here are all aglow with vista, although they can provide
nearly useless help with xp.  *nix is a complete unknown to them, although
you may find an old-timer who will admit to have seen a Macintosh several
years ago.

It doesn't have to be a "big-box" store, none of them know jack about
anything Unix, not to mention my ISP, but what do you expect from what
the spew out of colleges these days? <g>....

My sister-in-law couldn't beleive how much better Linux was over "MS"
till I showed here how (more or less the same) programs ran under both
OS's on this old box. She's wanting me to teach her how to use
it....You know I told here to just install it and use it was the best
way to learn, with a little reading....

But thanks for all the info, I told the seller I wanted 2 modems if he
had them....