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Why are they doing this? Because they are threatened
by people running a free operating system who actually
understand how it works.

If PV felt that way, Slack would look just like CentOS, which
it doesn't.

I don't know CentOS, but any distro running kde obviously
looks like any other distro running kde. And they all look
like they are running windows.

KDE3 default theme looked quite similar to microsoft explorer
classic. KDE4 default theme looks like OSX theme with a less
useful configuration tool made by the kubuntu guys and is a
direct ripoff of the OSX configuration tool.

No matter which of the two big desktop environments for Linux,
they try just to be copies of the commercial OS in look and
feel and in some case in deeper levels too, it's quite sad that
none is trying to make their own feel and look.

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you here, J.O.

The real shame is that these artificial user interfaces for Linux
exist in the first place.

They accomplish one thing: To turn Linux runners into ignorant
appliance operators. In other words, they turn Linux into a
Windows clone.

And that's just what the corporations who have poured tens of
millions of dollars into their development want.

They want people to think that they are learning Linux when they
are actually learning kde (etc.).

Then they have them by the balls.

And I repeat: The real irony here is that it takes just as long
to learn kde (etc.) as it does to learn Linux. Maybe longer.


I doubt it takes just as long to learn KDE, what with so much you can
get involved in regarding the depths of Linux,

I think that it's pretty clear that I am only referring to the knowledge
and skills necessary to effectively run Linux as an ordinary user.

including creating your own non KDE/Gnome interfaces, etc.

No one can create an interface like that by themselves. They have
millions of lines of code and take large teams many years to

I am talking about being an ordinary user.

I can't do any programming beyond simple bash scripts.

And an ordinary user who actually understands how Linux works and
has a little bit of skill with bash can create their own interface
that will do anything one of those monstrosities can do.

With a tiny fraction of the system resources.

That can be modified in a jiff.

That is designed for _their_ needs.

Everything's there for people to create whatever they want,
from the lowest level, to the highest UI or GUI.

That's obvious.

I guess you are referring to kde and the like and I could do
any of those things just fine without it. In fact, I could learn
to do them much faster than any kde user could.

I don't run kde or gnome. But I can do anything, and more, that
anyone running them can. With half or less of the system resources.

Which means I can use those resources for other things.

You really don't seem to know what you are talkng about. I notice
that you have removed the user-agent header from your headers.
I think you don't want anyone to know you are using kde or the
like. That header has to be deliberately removed.

That would explain a lot.


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