Re: For The Newbies

Beej Jorgensen wrote:

Sidney Lambe <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Beej is a regular on alt.os.linux.slackware.

This much is true.

I don't advise going there for help with slackware.

Don't take anything Dan C says personally and you'll do fine.

They'll try to shove kde down your throat

Slackware doesn't even start X by default--it's text mode unless you
deliberately configure it otherwise. This is quite the opposite of
"shoving KDE down your throat", I think most people would agree.

and as you can see, they aren't very nice people.

Nonsense! We have party whistles just like everyone else. (Except
ours are text-only.)

The fact is, and if you study the docs I have posted here you will
discover this in short order, that there really isn't any difference
between one distro and the next.

"It's got four legs and it's a pet--it must eat food!" The Devil, as
always, is in the details.


This poster is a known troll and acts like some kid. He probably just
discovered Linux recently and posts this nonsense when he gets all
excited about a new command he's learned.
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