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Linux Futurist:
I have been considering the following for some time now and I have
reached the irrevocable conclusion that the CLI is the past and GUI
is the future.
Welcome to the Ubuntu desktop.
If Linux is to compete with other OS's then GUI is the *only* way
forward. This *new reality* is dictated by the needs of those
wishing to migrate from their current OS to Linux.

On the desktop.
This is not a denial of my premise.

If the Linux community refuses to recognize this reality by not
offering these potential migrants the assistance they need in
learning how to use the GUI then Linux will wither and die.
You keep missing this important point, on the desktop.
And it's widely recognised the Ubuntu community is the best help a
computer user can get.
What I see most often offered as help is RTFM as in MAN pages and then
type what you read at the CLI. New users will find that kind of help

I am sure we're willing to teach noobs like you the use of the CLI as
well as the GUI, all depending what you use the OS for.
Why would anyone want to learn about what has passed into obsolescence
as in a CLI?

Any so called Linux guru who continues to cling to the past and
denounce the GUI will become extinct and irrelevant, assuming they
aren't already.
Yeah whatever. It's just that you sound so irrelevant...
And you my friend are stuck in the past which is where you will fade

No the wheel turns full circle ! As history clearly shows.

Actually, the Linux commandline is much more recent than what
this ignorant clod (meaning the OP: he's using Xnews, which is a Windows
newsreader) is calling the GUI.

Windows had an 'integrated graphical desktop environment' user interface
before Linux ever existed.

And now that's all it has, and the ignorant, Windows-using OP doesn't
have any idea what the commandline is all about. He just doesn't like
it becuase it isn't like Windows.

He's just another mindless appliance operator who couldn't run a
computer without the help of technical support people who can
barely speak English.

And is envious as hell of anyone who can.

Why should Linux compete with Windows? They can have all the office
drones and couch potatoes. We aren't into making money from those
poor slobs. We are into Linux.

Linux is not Windows and it shouldn't be.

Thanks for the interesting link, which I bookmarked for future reference.

What bugs me about all this whining about "the CLI" is that these new
users, don't even seem to be bright enough to understand that they don't
actually have to type all the code, given in a help text.

All they have to do, is copy the "code" and paste it in a terminal
window. Yet they prove they don't have a clue how their beloved GUI
works neither.

If one is too lazy to figure out how a text based environment works then
a GUI will nether help you.

Mind you, this time this person complains about "the CLI", next time
it's probably the inconsistence of "the GUI", continued by The GIMP
(because it's not like Adobe Photoshop) etc. etc..

I repeat your words: GNU/Linux is not like Windows, because it doesn't
have to be like Windows. The day that GNU/Linux becomes a Windows clone
is the day I will drop it.

For those who want a Windows like OS, take a look at ReactOS:

It's still in Alpha phase, but I'm convinced that all you rocket
scientist Windows users will contribute to the project...


|_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin

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