Re: G/N pcmcia linux friendly network

On Jun 15, 10:27 am, sid <nos...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jesse Dorland wrote:

I am looking for PCMCIA network which is Linux friendly -- means I
don't have to recompile my kernel. I have old Tecra M3 notebook
running on Ubuntu, builtin card is working fine, however, it's not
good enough for my n router.

The network I want is linux friendly, and I am hoping that it would
allow me to do pocket injection, and I can attach booster and external
antenna like 25bpi whenever I need to. Can you guys think of something
that would be good for me?

Why isn't your wireless N router set to work with wireless b+g? Surely
it should support the earlier standards?

I use tecra to download very large file from the internet at work, or
library. For example I download two 6 - 8 gig iso files, not count
music, and few other things. With a card that support n would be nice.
Also keep in mind that I have a Western Digital HD box connected to my
TV, and it is playing movies from my 2nd computer Sony Vaio (this
one), or sometime from my Tecra M3. Most of these laptops are
connected wireless. With N I could watch movies on my TV, and upload
files from one computer to the other, and etc. Right now it slows down
very much.

What do you mean you want a "network"? Networks are made by linking
multiple hosts, how many computers do you have? You can make a network
using a mix of any computers, the fact they are linux or windows is
pretty much irrelevant for most use, linux can share files to windows
via Samba.

By network I mean wireless network card. PCMCIA network card. Although
I do have a network setup as I mention above.

My router is connected to:

Sony Vaio (XP SP3)
Tecra M3 (Ubuntu custom kernel)
Western Digital HD, browsing multimedia file from laptop, and
streaming them on tv.

Packet injection is hacking, I can't see why you want to do this on your
own network.

Since I am buying a new network card, I might as well get one with all
the feature. I have used airodump to test my router, and I learned
that I was hackable so switched it to wpa2. Nonetheless, I still wanna
test it, and it's fun.