Re: Failed to activate 'OAFIID:GNOME_SettingsDaemon

From: Thulemanden (
Date: 07/06/03

Date: 6 Jul 2003 11:10:01 -0700 (Thulemanden) wrote in message news:<>...
> When logging in on RH 8 I get this:
> Failed to activate 'OAFIID:GNOME_SettingsDaemon
> How do I fix it?

I found the culprit as I checked the packages and the Gnome option
had been turned off. As I selected Gnome desktop for installation, the
problem disappeared.

Of course I now got the 'Gnome Settings' into the menu.

I guess I just had installed KDE and not Gnome.

Perhaps Red Hat should protest if the needed Gnome file is not