Re: Where can I buy either Mandrake or RH in the Toronto area. I need it today!

From: CL (dnoyeB) Gilbert (
Date: 07/27/03

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:16:53 -0400

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James Knott wrote:
| CL (dnoyeB) Gilbert wrote:
|>What do you mean? Their is only ever 1 released version. If its RH9
|>secrets, I expect it will have RH9, just as my RH6 book had RH6 on it.
|>Of course it wont have RH9.2 whenever that happens I agree.
| There are many current books on the shelves, which include a CD that was
| reasonably fresh, when the book was published, but is now somewhat stale.
| Check the CD, before buying the book.

I was not aware that software changed like that. I dont understand what
you mean by stale. I assume it is what it claims to be. I guess I just
dont get it. It worked fine for me.

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CL Gilbert

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