Re: IPTables behind a router ?

From: steve harris (
Date: 09/26/03

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:47:25 -0500

Interlude wrote:
> steve harris wrote:
>>there is no sense in stopping something twice so you will have to make a
>>list of what the router stops and a list of what iptables you set up
>>will stop.
>>I use Linux Firewalls 2nd edition. (red bunder) to set up
>>iptables. The 1st edition (purple binder) only covered ipchains.
>>As to what the router is doing, good luck. The elcheapos I have, I think
>>the store cash register receipt is larger than the documentation....
> Thanks for the reply there Steve. I did a Google on that book and it looks
> like just the kind of thing I need to read. Thanks for the reference.
> I've got the 'standard-issue' Linksys BEFSR41 router/gateway. It does 'what
> it says on the tin' so to speak, but I'd like to get more specific with
> what's allowed in and out, so that book should help me do it.
> Interlude.

th ebook is full of examples covering just about any port to pass or
block, whether workstation or server.

What the Linksys is doing, you can go to and scan all
65k ports instead of the few common ones everyone else checks.

If you need to...