Re: /dev/cdrom block device corrupt

From: Paul Lutus (nospam_at_nosite.zzz)
Date: 10/15/03

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    Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 16:15:36 -0700

    Kryptoknight wrote:

    > question,
    > i'm having a issue mounting my cdrom device. it was working. now it's not.
    > let me paint the picture.
    > i have xp, 2000, and rh7.3 all on same disk. i use grub as boot loader
    > (bootstrap phase2). all can boot just fine. i then went ahead and loaded
    > latest vmware onto XP and then created a virtual linux host using
    > "physical disk". i was having issue with X when loading virtual linux, so
    > i had to install the vmware-tools into linux while booted into linux
    > virtual host. it fixed X issue and when i re-ran virtual linux i had kudzu
    > run, apparently some other types of vmware drivers loading for audio and
    > networking.
    > having some issues with virtual linux i decided just not to use it to load
    > a virtual linux. so i boot real linux and turn off vmware-tools service
    > from loading, then rebooted real linux. now i cannot mount dev/cdrom /mnt
    > , says it is a invalid bock device.

    Look at the device node for the drive. And look in /etc/fstab. Compare the
    first with another system, compare the second with your backup copy.

    > is there a quick way to rebuild device tree (like a reconfigure does on
    > solaris) ??

    You may only have to replace a single device node. See which device
    /dev/cdrom points to, if it does.

    Paul Lutus

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