From: Brand-X (bunnysquash_at_NOSPAMhotmail.com)
Date: 10/25/03

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 15:14:03 +1000

I am really keen to get a graphics/photo editing tool for Linux that is
comparable to Photoshop. The GIMP seems okay for somethings but it isn't
really a lot of use for creating rollovers or animations, all in all it
just doesn't seem to be as professional and slick to use as photoshop. I
tried downloading the demo version of Pixel32 which touts itself as being
the new photoshop. It has a great looking interface but seems from my
explorations to be a fairly average tool, not even as reliable as GIMP and
a lot of functions just don't seem to work at all or are hard to get
working and really laggy when they are doing something approximating what
they should.

I'm wondering whether anyone has found a really professional photo
editor/graphics tool for linux. I'm keen to hear of anything that could do
the job. Have other people had good experiences with Pixel 32?