Re: Using Ssh, How To See Server Specification

From: sagarin_k (
Date: 04/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 02:50:14 -0500

> I rented a dedicated RHL 9 Server from a webhost. I want to varify
the server config, like
> 1. Which Processor, speed (host claims it is a p-4 2.0 ghz). How can
I verify using SSH. I have root access.
> 2. which command tells me the disk space, RAM size, swap size?
> 3. how can I change swap memory size? Like if it is 512mb, how from
ssh i could change it to 1GB?
> 4. How can I check if apache is installed or not? when I type rpm
-qa apache it give me nothing.
> 5. I understand there are some packages that comes with RHL 9, like
apache, php, mysql. How can I verify if those are up to date or not?
> 5. how can I uninstall the default apache/php or mysql installating
and fresh install apache/php/mysql? I have a tutorail which tells me
how to install them, but, i do not know how to uninstall default Red
hat linux 9 instalation.
> Thanks a lot guys.

>From root use the following commands

To check the cpu details you can you the command = cat /proc/cpuinfo

To check the disk size use the command = fdisk -l or df

To check the memory size use the command = cat /proc/meminfo

If you are not getting any response for rpm -q for apache use command
= rpm -q httpd
it will show the if apache is loaded and which version of apache is

Not sure about 5th question. if you get any answer lemme know.

To uninstall you can use the command rpm -e packagename.

If you want to upgrade any package use command rpm -Uvh packagename.

Hope this helps.....



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