Re: Fedora or Mandrake?

From: General Schvantzkoph (
Date: 05/26/04

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    Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 19:33:45 -0400

    On Tue, 25 May 2004 21:30:05 +0000, Matt wrote:

    > Chris wrote:
    >>> Devote a few hours each to Mandrake 9.1, Fedora Core 1, and maybe SuSE
    >>> 9.0. Then choose the one you like best. Assuming you have a fast
    >>> connection and can download each.
    >> Thanks - but why are you suggesting old versions?
    >> Are they easier to deal with?
    >> I have downloaded Mandrake 10.0 Official and Fedora Core 2.
    >> (Didn't know you could download SuSE?)
    > I understand that certain versions such as Mandrake 9.2 are troublesome.
    > The latest is not always the greatest. Patches downloaded using apt
    > or yum or up2date or equivalent will bring an older distro up to date.
    > You can download (mirror) the whole SuSE installation tree or install by
    > ftp or http, but they don't provide the CD ISO images.

    SUSE 9.1 will become available on the mirrors on June 4. I wouldn't waste
    the bandwidth mirroring the 9.0 tree with 9.1 so close. When 9.1 becomes
    available you can download the tree and then do a network install from
    your local mirror.

    Mandrake 9.2 had a bug that fried LG CDROM drives, if you don't have an LG
    drive then 9.2 with the current patches is a very nice distro. The
    fixed version of 9.2, 9.2.1, is available to Mandrake Club members. Don't
    know if the 9.2 ISOs that are on the mirrors are really 9.2.1 but I don't
    think so. 10.0 Official is the latest and it's pretty good for a .0

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