Re: Fedora or Mandrake?

From: Will Gilliland (
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 21:28:55 -0500

I have WinXP Pro and Fedora Core 2 running just fine. I'm not sure what you
mean by hosing up the windows partition.

"Walt Fles" <> wrote in message
> Mandrake 10 does not hose up your windows partition and MBR when u install
> it like Fedora Core 2 does.
> "Chris" <nospam@[]> wrote in message
> news:L4ddpZFKz6qAFwoO@[]...
>> Fedora or Mandrake?
>> They both have new versions out.
>> I want to learn Linux and am wondering which to go for.
>> I'm English and Fedora is originated in America - so that might mean the
>> documentation is more accessible?
>> Can anyone tell me what are the significant differences between the
>> distros?
>> --
>> Chris

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