Re: md5sum is wrong

From: AG (
Date: 06/29/04

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:17:33 -0500

"jafar" <> wrote in message
> Try an NFS install. If you can copy all the files over no problems and get
> as far as setting up the network installation, that should work for you.
> It's a real strange situation not having the 1st disk work so many times.
> Have you tried a bittorrent download?
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> Jafar As-Sadiq Calley
> Senior 1st Officer
> Livewire Airlines

NFS I've only tried with Debian and couldn't get it to work due to Network
card driver problems. I'd really like to have the CDs in the office in case
of emergency. I've had a drive die before and I had a new drive in, RH9
installed and online copying user information from backup within 2 hours,
which included the drive to the store to get the new drive.
I haven't tried Bittorrent since I'm behind a firewall I'm not sure that it
would work and I can't do without the firewall, too much secure stuff going
on in the office. I'll give it a try now though.

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