Re: Fedora Core 2 or White Box Enterprise Linux?

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Date: 07/20/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:01:33 -0500

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> > In alt.os.linux.redhat mica <> suggested:
> > > Up until a week ago I had RedHat 9 installed on 2 laptops - one as a
> dual
> > > boot with Wndoze XP and the other as a second hard disk. I also had a
> > > subscription (up till May 1st, of course), which was a requirement for
> me to
> > > have linux on a work machine (RH was the only distro that wasn't
> > > with outright hostility). So, once the thought police at work cottoned
> on to
> > > the fact that RH9 was no longer a supported product, I was told to
> remove
> > > it - no more RH support, no more RH on my laptops. Anyway, getting
> > > withdrawal symptoms, I looked into the alternatives for getting things
> back
> > > to normal-
> >
> > Perhaps this is another option:
> >
> >
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> Well, thanks for the responses guys. I checked out that link you posted
> Michael - looks like they've re-released the old RedHat Pro shrink wrapped
> package whilst declaring it not open source (i.e. none of the iso images
> posted for free download etc). From what I can see the RH Pro Workstation
> license only allows one machine to be registered for the RH Update
> unlike the old basic subscription, which allowed two, and for somewhat
> outlay per annum. The last RH Pro box I bought was 7.2 and istr that it
> me about the same then as 2 of the new version from Amazon would now. So,
> horses for courses. I've downloaded and burnt the Fedora Core 2 and White
> Box respin 1 iso images, so I might give eac a go on consecutive weekends
> and see which suits my requirements - and then build a robust case to keep
> that one going - with a fallback position of the Pro Workstation package,
> I'm unsuccessful.................
> Regards
> M
I just downloaded the ISO images to CentOS 3.1 which is like Whitebox in
that it is based on the RH Sources. It also will not do an upgrade to a RH9
install, it wants to do a fresh install, which doesn't help me much as I
really don't want to have to reconfigure 8 servers, with the downtime that
would mean for my customers.
I'm not much interested in being a guinipig for RedHat so there's no way I'm
going to use Fedora in a production environment, even though I put it on a
laptop and it ran fine till the MB went out on the computer, which was not ,
of course, Fedora's fault.


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