Re: Fedora or Mandrake?

From: Daniel (
Date: 07/27/04

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:02:45 -0400

Will Gilliland wrote:
> I have WinXP Pro and Fedora Core 2 running just fine. I'm not sure what you
> mean by hosing up the windows partition.
> "Walt Fles" <> wrote in message
> news:lAxsc.2207$
>>Mandrake 10 does not hose up your windows partition and MBR when u install
>>it like Fedora Core 2 does.
Documentation in English is available for both, although the Mandrake
documentation is only available for paid subscribers (at least, the last
time I checked their website). Mandrake, Fedora, and Suse all have/had
a problem with dual booting to Windows XP (the boot loader messed up the
count of cylinders, heads, and sectors, so it was unable to find the
Windows partition). This did not happen on every install, and there are
workarounds both during the install and after. This was a kernel issue,
and may have been fixed by now. In general, Mandrake is known as a
nice, friendly distro with strong multimedia support. However, I could
not get it to work on my spare PC (Suse did not work either). Fedora
Core 2 installed and has run flawlessly. The GUI Up2Date feature sucks
- sometimes it works, but often it locks. Do a Google search and you
will find a link to a YUM.conf file with instructions - I have found
that YUM has worked 100% of the time and is very easy, even if it is
used on the command line. Of course, since FC2 is a free development
project, it will have releases more often than Mandrake - if you want to
"set it and forget it" then Mandrake might be a better choice. YMMV!