Re: Fedora Core 2 - Processes Eating 20X more memory

From: Brian Ceccarelli (
Date: 07/30/04

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:29:19 GMT


    I just the binary on Fedora Core 1. It works using the usual 16MB of
virtual memory (virtual = swap + RAM).
So, I submit that there is a BIG NASTY BUG in the Linux 2.6 kernel regarding
memory management. The same binary uses 481 MB of virtual memory in
Fedora Core 2.

    I confirm both process sizes by issuing a gcore. The resulting core
size on Fedore Cora 1 is 16 MB. The resulting core size on Fedora Core 2
is 481 MB. BTW, it doesn't matter if I use the SMP kernel or not. I get
the same memory problem.