Re: Hostname

From: George (
Date: 08/01/04

Date: 1 Aug 2004 00:51:21 -0500

"Schewdent" <> wrote in

> Hi,
> When I set up my Redhat 9 box, my hostname was set to just
> localhost.localdomain . However when I boot up now, after being connected
> to the Internet, I get a "Welcome to"-ish message,
> ie. it's changed the hostname to that (I'm still seeing the "setting
> hostname to localhost.localdomain on every bootup though). Can someone
> please explain the intricacies of what's going on? I know that the
> computer gets itself an IP address via DHCP, what's the program on MY
> machine that handles this, and how do I configure it?
> I want it to stop changing the bloody name to whatever my ISP feels I
> should be called at the moment. However,... I'd *also* like to know
> what name I WOULD have been assigned, if I want to, heh heh :)
> How do I do this?
> Thanks for all your help,
> Schewdent.

I had the same problem, using cable internet. Someone told me
to go into my network settings, and add a subdomain (I already had it set
to localhost.localdomain). So I changed it to local.localhost.localdomain,
and now it works fine, comes up as local. I guess it's just a quirk of
some ISPs.