Linux on an Old World (Beige G3) Macintrash

From: Angela Kahealani (
Date: 08/11/04

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 22:24:01 -1000

heavenbound <> posted:
> anyone owning a mac that can run os x
> is crazy to put linux on it
> when os x is unix and so much better.

There's a HUGE difference between

"hardware Y supports OS X"
(can install & boot)


"OS X supports hardware Y"
(all the hardware you paid for is supported).

There was a class-action lawsuit against Apple
for their handling of OS X on Beige G3s,
resulting in the "offering of" a refund for
OS X, which never properly supported the Beige G3s.

Discussions of which POSIX is better belong in an advocacy newsgroup,
not in any of these newsgroups.

Andrew Spartz <> posted:
> OS X does not run on the Beige G3.

I did succeed in installing and booting OS X 10.1.5
on my Rev. A Beige G3.

> Apple abandoned a number of machines
> that they originally stated would be supported in OS X.
> That sounded bitter, I wonder why.

I will never again spend one penny on ANYthing that carries the Apple
brand because of their having repeatedly, generation after generation,
fucked-over loyal old users.

At Saturday 2004-07-10 09:04 "Dave Clarke"
<> posted
<r2r5s1-aa1.ln1@pinguino.local.home> to alt.os.linux.redhat:
> On Saturday 10 July 2004 19:10 Bill Mazlar wrote:
>> Trying to switch to linux here.
>> I've tried to get gentoo (with and without quik bootloader) and suse
>> on my beige g3 mac by burning a boot cd but the computer just refuses
> I think there is a Linux distro for Mac hardware called 'Yellow Dog'.
> No idea if it works on hardware of any vintage.
> Dave Clarke

My Rev. A Beige G3 now runs Yellow Dog Linux,
and works as a webserver to the WWW (,
and as a file server on my LAN.

Some Beige G3s shipped with IDE/ATAPI drives.
BTO versions shipped with UltraWide160 SCSI drives.
The latest YellowDog Linux will install on, but not boot from,
an UWSCSI drive, so if your Beige G3 doesn't have an IDE/ATAPI hard
drive, fall back to the previous generation Yellow Dog Linux
(2.3 versus 3.x), unless you're ready to compile the SCSI driver
into your kernel, which you can't do until you have a running linux on
an IDE/ATAPI drive.

The main problem with any distro of Linux on PowerPC is the lack of
drivers or plug-ins from 3rd party providers who think that Linux
implies i386, and produce binary-only distros... e.g. MacroMedia Flash

So... PPC Linux makes a great server, but has limitations as a desktop
workstation installation, not inherrantly, but errantly due to the
nonenlightenment of corporations like MacroMedia. Thus it is a
compounding of errors to build a website that depends upon Flash.

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