nautilus thumbnailing wierdness

From: maxo (
Date: 08/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 05:43:57 GMT

this is stumping me:

on FC2/Gnome2.6:

Nautilus was working flawlessly for the first couple weeks, thumbnailing
at an amazing speed both images and videos.

Now it will go into a directory and only show about half of the images as
thumbs, the others as icons. Videos get no thumbs. BUT, if I open up the
catalogue view, it will show the thumbs and when I go back to icon view it
will show *most* of them--still with a couple missing in large
collections--it seems it takes switching to this view to stimulate thumb

Here's what's funny: my other user account and a guest account don't do

Here's what I've tried out of desperation:

Deleting the ~.thumbnails folder
Deleting all nautilus data and config files (that I know of, the
~.nautilus, and the stuff under ~.gnome2)
Deleting ~.gconfig

I thought I could delete these things and Nautilus would regenerate
"healthy" settings upon logging in again. BTW, the delete .thumbnails
trick has worked in the past when Nautilus got slow and buggy.

No luck!

This is obviously a configuration issue, no? Since the other accounts are
able to use Nautilus without issue.

BTW, I use Emelfm for actual filemanaging before anybody says to use a
"real" file manager ;-) --I just happen to like Nautilus for casual
desktop-shmoe use. LOL

Thoughts? Solutions?