Re: HOWTO - Linux Home Server (review)

From: Bruce Coryell (
Date: 01/05/05

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:01:49 GMT

I think this will be a great contribution. My only quibble is this:
Since FC3 is a bleeding edge distro, is it the best one for using as a
server? Also, for newbies (like me)?

Miles Brennan wrote:
> G'day All,
> Im currently drafting an installation guide to configure Linux as a
> networked home server gateway with all the email, www, smtp, ftp, dns,
> dhcp, squid, mySQL, samba, NFS (etc) applications documented.
> I have currently completed draft status for the first 19 (of 20)
> chapters and am ready for any interested parties to read/test it (there
> are some minor sections still lacking). Its a high level document, so if
> you only want the config details to get you up and running (without the
> techo stuff) then this is for you.
> I am using FC3 as the distro for the configs, and it does currently
> contain some FC3 specific configurations (yum, up2date, step-by-step
> install guide); mainly only chapters 3 and 7.
> These FC3 specific sections will eventually be moved to annexes in later
> revisions, allowing it to be a more generic document supporting further
> distros (the plan anyway).
> The HOWTO is currently being drafted at:
> I appreciate any feedback/comments on the document, particularly if the
> concepts are easy to read/understand by the newer members of the community.
> Regards,
> Miles Brennan.