Re: server goes to sleep

From: Randy McLaughlin (
Date: 03/10/05

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:52:38 -0600

"Steve Friis" <> wrote in message
> ynotssor wrote:
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>>>We just installed RH 8.0 on a HP Proliant with dual 3GHZ processor.
>>>We use that server as our FTP server, it is running VSFTPD.
>>>After a day or so, we always loose connectivity to the server, it ends up
>>>going to like a sleep mode or something that we have to reset it so that
>>>we can get it up and running again.
>>>We couldn't wake it up, we have to do a cold boot.
>>>Any ideas?
>> Is apmd enabled? If so, turn it off to see if that solves your problem.
>> Not
>> sure about RH8, but "chkconfig --list" might give the info about runlevel
>> enablements for the various startup scripts.
> Another cause could be that APM or ACPI is enabled in the BIOS. Check
> there to make sure that is disabled.

The fact that he is saying it is "a sleep mode" does not mean the computer
has really gone into sleep mode. It could be a temerature related hardware