Re: eth0 Not Coming Up

From: Jan Gerrit Kootstra (
Date: 03/22/05

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 06:13:25 GMT

"Jason Williard" <> schreef in bericht
> Today I restarted my server to find that it was not responding after 5
> minutes. After some investigating, I found that networking was not
> starting up. Somehow, the /etc/sysconfig/network file had disapeared.
> This has been corrected and now the network service starts successfully
> along with the lo interface. However, I cannot seem to get eth0 to come
> up. By all accounts, it appears to be coming up.
> When I type 'service network restart' it shows:
> Bringing up interface etho: [ OK ]
> Here is my /etc/sysconfig/network file:
> ---
> ---
> Here is my ifcfg-eth0 file:
> ---
> DEVICE=eth0
> ONBOOT=yes
> BROADCAST=***.***.170.255
> NETWORK=***.***170.0
> IPADDR=***.***.170.56
> ---
> These files have not changed for several weeks. Up until now, they have
> worked, even after a restart. Can anyone think if any reason why the eth0
> interface would not come up?
> Thank You,
> Jason Williard

On the server can you ping the ipaddress of the server and it's gateway?

If you can ping the server, but not the gateway then check the cables and
the NIC settings with mii-tool. NIC settings might conflict with the
settings of the switch.

Switch settings might have changed, if you do not manage them.


Jan Gerrit