Re: Header/Footer Outside Print Area -- Problem Solved

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Date: 03/29/05

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 05:28:30 GMT

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On 2005-03-28, Anthropos <> wrote:
> I'm running Mozilla Firefox in Fedora Core 3. When I print a page, the
> Header and Footer are outside the print area and hence, aren't printed.
> How
> do I adjust the settings so that this information is printed?

Go to File > Page Setup in Firefox, and increase your top and bottom
page margins.

----- Response -----

Already tried that. I set all four margins to one inch each. The margin
changes only affected the main body of the text. Headers and footers were
still outside the print area.

----- Additional -----

Actually, there are two dialog boxes where the margins are set -- one in
File > Page Setup in Firefox and the second in Print > Properties in

In Print > Properties, I set all four margins to 0.5 inch. In File > Page
Setup, I set top and bottom margins to 1.0 inch, the left margin to 0.7
inch, and the right margin to 1.2 inch. The left-right margin settings
center the print area on the printed page. One would have hoped for
symmetry. Go figure.

Problem solved.

Now how do I change the font and font size in the header and footer?...

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