Re: About the Coming New Order in Farmington

From: Kev (die_spammers_die_at_pht.zzz)
Date: 03/29/05

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:39:38 -0000

Faux_Pseudo <> wrote in news:BPU1e.13200$%d7.10840

> Any time that a religion has attempted to say what date something will
> happen on they have been wrong. They only thing they can date with any
> ability is recurring holidays.
> So if history is any indicator then it is you who will be wrong on
> 6/6/6.

The biggest requirements for prophecy is to avoid giving it a date and be
vague, unlike saying 6/6/06 and exactly what will happen and where.
Otherwise if it doesnt one of two things must be true: either the
prophet/prophecy was simply wrong, or certain events/actions did
something to prevent it. If the first, the foresight of the person who
made it is called into question. If the second, the simple idea of
prophecy itself, or fate, is called into question. Its lose-lose.

Real prophets dont make these mistakes. If someone says 'it hasnt happend
so youre wrong' he will simply say "the time is not yet upon us". And he
will say this because such specfic knowledge is not possible and
unavailable to them. Only glimses into what will be. Some see more of
these glimpses more than others and time, as an invention of man, is
always subjective. So any specific date is meaningless. He knows this and
will not use such limited knowledge to make one.

This is the first way to tell the difference between authentic prophets
and sheisters.


But to be on topic, I have a prophecy that a new and powerful force all
dressed in red will overtake an incoherently dressed dominant force with
wings. This force lives in a loft place in the sky built by the oppressed
masses but it is not aboslute and slowly falls. No matter how much they
flap their wings. Soon it falls until it floats no more and its influence
is felt in only the most remote of places. There are other forces in the
world dressed in other colors... but also with a uniformity of purpose.
Some are friendly. Some are envious. But all benefit from being under the
oppressive rule of the winged ones.