Re: Create some kind of special dual boot

From: Margaret Wilson (
Date: 04/02/05

Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 13:13:52 -0500

Hmm, I'm having a similar problem, but I know a couple ways you might
resolve yours. (I'm still working on mine.)

The simplest thing to do is to create an XP boot floppy and point it to your
XP installation. That is, if you have a floppy drive. Here's how to do it:

Or, if you're willing to reinstall Fedora, you can use a boot manager to
choose which OS to start. If you're going to do it this way, create a DOS
partition at the beginning of drive 0 (what used to be C:). Use the above
instructions to create an XP "boot environment," i.e., copy ntldr,, and a boot.ini that will start your XP installation on drive
E. Once you can boot your machine and get to XP, install Fedora and tell it
to install GRUB on /hda. Here's where I'm still working on the problem.
Don't let it write to the MBR, or it will boot directly to Fedora, and
you'll be right back where you are now.

Hope this helps,


"Julien Plee" <julien@localhost.localdomain> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I have just installed FC3 (x86_64) on my computer, wich runned very well.
> At the beginning, my system was configured like this :
> Windows XP 64 on drive C:
> Windows XP on drive E:
> ... and garbage data on drive D:
> I was not convinced by Windows XP 64 (wich seems to be not fully
> compatible with my computer's mainboard) so I've destroyed C: to install
> Fedora 3.
> Now, the problem is that boot informations for both Windows systems were
> on C: and there are not anymore :-) so I'd like to do something to be able
> to boot on Windows XP (E:) at startup and I just don't now what to do
> (I've tried a very simple configuration during FC3 installation by telling
> the 2nd bootable OS was on hdb2 but it was unsuccessful).
> Would you have any idea how to it so ?
> Thank you for reading me and for any answer :o)
> Julien
> (PS : I won't have any pbm to rewrite boot.ini but where should I put it
> since I don't have any C: drive anymore ?)