Re: Linux for Network Attached Storage?

From: Jon Solberg (
Date: 06/15/05

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:15:38 GMT

Randy McLaughlin wrote:
> "Andy Turner" <> wrote in message
>>I have an old PC. Rather underpowered to run Windows XP, but I figured
>>it's more than powerful enough to run as a file server, if I could
>>find a dedicated lightweight OS for it. The PC I'm currently
>>thinking of is an old P200 with 64mb RAM [...]
>>Of course, being a Windows person, I'd want the storage to NTFS, if
>>that's possible.

A ran a similar system (K6-200) with 96 Mb RAM a couple of years as my
general server (including NFS file server) without any problems at home
(around ten users, but seldom more than five logged in simultaneously).
However, as it comes to NTFS you're out of luck. Until MS releases the
specs for their file system not much will happen. I see little reason
why it should.

Your best bet is to do like I did, run a Linux file system (ext-3,
ReiserFS or any other) on the server and let the client(s) connect to it
via Samba. As an end user you should notice any difference. Do you have
any special reasons for you to want the file server to run NTFS?

Jon Solberg (remove "nospam" from email address).