Re: Ghosh, so big pain to install new Disti, need some help

From: GS (
Date: 08/14/05

Date: 13 Aug 2005 19:06:02 -0700

Thanks. I verified Checksum for all four files, it matched. My PC is
based on i386. I downloaded "nero" to burn CD ROM, it takes ISO Images
(this is eval version), I burned CD using this "Nero burning ROM" prog
, it takes 6 Minutes to burn a CD, after burning a CD, I verified the
files in CD, it shows all the required files (I matched with ISO Image
on Linux PC), after that I tried to install Fedora on my PC with this
CD, I can see it boots, then "Media check" fails, if I skip Media
check, then the installation has errors. It is not going through. I am
not understanding whether my CD burning is not correct?.