Re: System-config-bind

From: Bit Twister (
Date: 11/06/05

Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 07:32:32 -0600

On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 20:43:30 -0800, kurt wrote:
> Thank you. This is a fine tutorial on BIND. In fact I used it to set up
> my test dns servers. I created my named.conf file and saved it as
> /etc/named.conf. When I start named from the command line, the file is
> read and all of the zone files specified are read, logging is to the
> files I specified, etc. But when I start it as a system service (FC4)
> with "service named start", it does not read my named.conf.

Try this,
chkconfig --del named
chkconfig --add named
service named restart

> Also, the gui tool, "system-config-bind" does not contain any of the
> zones, and when saved does not alter /etc/named.conf. When I make a
> modification from the gui tool and restart the service, those
> changes are read. So where is the .conf file that the gui tool
> creates (and that is read when the command "service named start" is
> issued)?

Seems kinda odd. When you do a
service named some_cmd
It runs the named script in /etc/init.d/
That is the same script which runs when the system is booted/shutdown.
I would have assumed the rh gui would also run _service_ after changes.

Sorry, I run Mandrivalinux. As a rule I usually edit the config files
with an editor, or use webmin if I want a gui interface tool.