Re: dual-boot, 2k and Fedora Core 2

On 21 May 2006 18:48:15 -0700, websurf1@xxxxxxx wrote:

[...]This is about what I think I might have expected. All of Fedora is
mounted on the second, new drive. I had hoped that the first, win2k
drive would not have to be touched. I intended that grub should have
been loaded on the new drive when the installer asked me about that.
I'm pretty sure that win2k is still on hda (the primary master), and
all the Fedora is on hdb (primary slave).

So the grub bootloader is only on the second drive, and you have
configured the BIOS to boot from the second drive? If so, it may be
that grub is working but Windows has a problem with the non-standard
drive order. What happens if you boot directly from the first drive;
does Windows still work then?

If Windows still works when its drive is the boot drive, you might
consider putting grub there; it shouldn't prevent Windows from booting
(that is what the chainloader is for) and it can be overwritten with
the Windows bootloader later if you want to use the Windows drive
independently at some point. If you put grub on the master and boot
from that, of course, the map commands in the grub configuration
should be removed or commented out. To put grub on hda's MBR without
reinstalling Fedora, given that Fedora is on hdb1, boot the Fedora
disk in rescue mode and run /mnt/sysimage/sbin/grub. Then, on the
grub command line, type the following commands:

root (hd1,0)
setup (hd0)

The "quit" command can then be used to exit grub, and when you reboot
from hda both Windows and Fedora should work.