Way to eat my fscking raid array F7!!!!

Help!!!?!!!?!????? <high pitched goofy voice>

I just upgraded an FC6 system to F7 and I can't get my RAID5 array
working. I have limited experience with Linux software RAID.

The array is made up of four drives on two controllers (all visible and
working with the default kernel)... none of which have anything to do
with the system booting. It's just a big repository full of non-mission
critical crap that I would rather not lose. This array worked perfectly
before the upgrade. At boot it says none of the drives found in the conf
file exist.

It would appear, due to technology changes, that the drives are
identified differently than they were under fc6. I have no doubt that the
drives are just as pristine as they were before the upgrade... this is a
configuration issue not an "I'm overwritten my data" issue.

If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate a bit of help
or guidance on anything you've experienced.

I guess what I'm looking for is a way to determine which drives have RAID
partitions on them so I can re-write the conf file.

(BTW- anyone whose advice is to do a fresh install... stop using Linux
and go back to Windows... and I mean that in the kindest of terms. Okay,
that's the kind of thing that would normally make me ignore a message but
the simple fact is the upgrade went fine except for bringing up the RAID
and I know the data is still there... so I should probably delete this
but... you know what I mean.)