Re: can't boot after botched RHEL 5 build

TEK wrote:
I have a dell workstation that HAD WIndows XP on it. I used RHEL 5 dvd
to install and it encountered an error which forced a reboot. I NOT
cannot boot to anything but the RHEL dvd. It ignores any other boot
disk including xp, bart, erd disk, etc. I tried fdisk /dev/hda and
removed all partitions and tried to create new dos partition but no
success. ideas?

no other boot disks will boot. The disks are good and tested to work.

Did you do

fdisk /MBR from your WinXP install cdrom in rescue mode or from a windows boot floppy?

Your WinXP install CD does not know how to remove grub from the MBR.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit