Re: fedora 9 and DVD-ROM drive

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 10:04:59 -0400, lucas wrote:

ok, i jumped cabled select on both drives, but it does seem to make a
difference. thank you in advance.

Mark Madsen wrote:
On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 01:46:07 -0400, lucas wrote:

i have fedora 9 on a celeron 2.8 GHz machine. it was booting fine,
then i installed an ide DVD-ROM drive in place of one of the two
CD-ROM drive. i left one CD-ROM drive in. the DVD drive is jumped to
master and the CD drive to slave. not everytime, but most of the
time, fedora will hang and put the monitor in sleep mode. it does
this when the boot sequence first goes from an ascii screen to a gui
screen mode. in fact, when the gui screen mode is initializing, it
starts with a mouse cursor X and then goes to the rotating pointer
thing. when it hangs it will go to the X and never get to the
rotating pointer thing, that is when the monitor will go into sleep
mode and the computer is dead at that point.
any suggestions?

It would be worth trying setting the jumpers to cable select, some
motherboards prefer that.

Just curious, can you press alt or ctrl+alt + function keys 1-6 and try to
get to a terminal?