Re: newbie question: how to get more than one user to be in the GROUP for directory ownership?

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:41:52 -0400, TriAdmin wrote:

I need "apache" and my username to share access to a directory because
my php script creates directories within a directory.

For example the directory /home/html/mysite/files, I want apache to be
able to create directories and file and I need to see those files and
directories when I use WinSCP using my username to login.

Currently, I did this and it allows the script to write directories:
chown username:apache files

I use WinSCP (which logs in using username) to check out what's inside
those directories and it errors out, permission denied.

Any ideas are much appreciated!

If you are going to have the group as apache anyway, then just you could
just add your username to that group:

usermod -aG apache username

- NL