GRUB bootloader and adding new hardrive(s)

From: Nitroushhh (
Date: 07/06/03

Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 13:47:05 GMT

I have a SuSE 8.2 system with 2 ide harddrives (with windows partitions)
and a scsi hdrive with all my linux partitions. hd0,hd1 and hd2 in that
order in grubspeak.

if I add a third ide drive then grub fails. I expect that this is because
grub expects to find info it needs on the 3rd device (the scsi) and after
i add the extra ide drive the scsi becomes the 4th.

I saw a suggestion on google.groups to have a linux partition on the
first hdrive so grub would always find its info (as long as that drive is
healthy) but i was hoping for a less drastic solution.

if grub started counting scsi first followed by ide, this would solve
my problem.

Is it possible ???

Can the grub config be stored in my existing windows partition ???

I tried changing the device mapping but it didn't help.

Another complication is that the new drive is in a removable caddy so it
won't always be there when the machine boots.

Any ideas ??? Can someone give me a hint and somewhere to look ???