M$ admits responsability for software instability

From: Ergo Sum (google_at_home.com)
Date: 08/14/03

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 13:58:20 GMT

Someone should teach M$ PR manager to *start* *thinking* properly. Someone
should teach M$ to *think* before speaking. Someone should teach M$ to

The me spell this out:

If third party products are responsible for *half* of the problems of
stability with their OS, then the /*other*/ /*half*/ of the problems are
due to M$ products themselves.

I thank M$ for confirming *again* what we all know... better use Linux.

(I was going to insult M$, but then I realized that some people that work
there might be actually smart people earning their lifes as honestly as
they can. So out, of respect for the humans behind the money-making
machine, I restrain.)


Microsoft criticises third party code for Windows crashes

By Brendon Chase, ZDNet Australia
13 August 2003

Microsoft has laid the blame for half of all Windows crashes on third-party

Scott Charney, chief security strategist at Microsoft, told developers at
the TechEd 2003 conference in Brisbane, that information collected by Dr
Watson, the company's reporting tool, revealed that "half of all crashes in
Windows are caused not by Microsoft code, but third-party code".

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