Re: FTP Installation prob.

From: Kevin Nathan (
Date: 09/28/03

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 09:58:10 -0600

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:21:43 +0200
Erhard Sanio <> wrote:

> Kevin Nathan schrieb:
> > On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 14:07:21 +0200
> > Erhard Sanio <> wrote:
> ..
> > > I did not find a question no less an answer.
> > Did you try? I found several *similar* questions (no, not exactly
> > worded like yours) and posted the most relevant looking one to
> > the OP.
> Yes. I did. Honestly. And I did read your response (thanx), which
> anyway is bit more than a week ago yet I would have embraced it
> had it solved my problem. Unfortunately, it did not. Thanks
> anyway.

There were some others that may be close to yours. Try searching on with this search to see if any of them come close:

    "installation media" group:alt.os.linux.suse

There are 96 hits and some obviously have no bearing, but others
might . . .

> Well, as a foreigner (from Vulgaria), my language may sound
> slightly rough ..


> I am still assuming that it's me who is the idiot. I often was,
> so I wouldn't deny til proof.

In my case, I've found that to be a fairly safe assumption! :-) But
that's one of the things I really *like* about Linux -- assuming it's
my fault is a pretty safe bet; with Windows, it's the other way
around! :-)

> Anyway: if I hit a tree several
> times I am inclined to assume that I am a lousy driver. But if the
> same tree is hit by scores of drivers, something may be wrong with
> the road. Just an idea ...

Also a good point! :-)

Here's another suggestion: I've not had experience with this yet, but
I believe YOU keeps it's ftp server list in /etc/suseservers; maybe
you can add your ftp path in that file (and make sure you set the
variable YAST2_LOADFTPSERVER to "no" in /etc/sysconfig).

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