Suse 8.2 update (broke?)

From: Rakor (
Date: 11/04/03

Date: 4 Nov 2003 11:55:18 -0800

Time ago my Kopete announces me (from msn center i guess) that i shoud
upgrade my client version, and after some time i just cannot log in
with copete because i have problems with msn, and since im using
kopete to conect ppl from msn i decided to upgrade my system.
(112 days after my last update)...
GOOD NEWS!!: apache startup bug is fixed, great!. (and i think
many ohter things too)
Bad News :(1) Kopete still doesn't works. I read somewhere there's a
0.7xx version. (that fixs msn problem? I have 0.6.1a v.)
(2) My Gforce4 MX 420 card now doesn't work well.
(3) im afraid to keep searching....don't want to find another broken
thing :P

The question can i make kopete and my vcard work properly?
All sugestion are accepted (except selling my putter....and less
changing to windows)