Suse 9.0 wireless card doesnt work after install

From: dm (
Date: 11/15/03

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 04:08:43 GMT

I have a Cisco 350 wireless PCMCIA card in a IBM T30 laptop.

This card worked immediately after installing SuSE 8.2.

It works DURING the install of SuSe 9.0! ie was able to perform the updates.

But once Suse 9.0 is installed it doesnt work. The Cisco client utility says
that the card is associated (ie communicating), but the network isn't
configured. Unable to ping anything.

I saw a reference to an update of sysconfig.rpm, but I already have that

Anybody know of a fix for this, is there a way to easily set this up

I find it amazing that it worked during the install, but after the install
it doesnt work. I also had a similar problem on a different system with an
Intel 845 display adapter, worked during the install but failed after
install. Found some funky bios setting that fixed it. Wish SuSE would be as
reliable after install as it is during install.

Thanks for any help or pointers