Re: MSN connectivitiy in Kopete

From: Mads Munch Hansen (
Date: 11/30/03

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 23:11:14 +0100

Tom Page wrote:

> I have recently done an FTP install of SuSE 9.0, and it's not been without
> its problems, but one thing I cannot get around is the fact I can't get
> MSN connections in Kopete. I have Kopete 0.7.3, as provided with SuSE 9.0,
> and I've read the stuff at - it says to upgrade to
> 0.7.4, so I got their SuSE 9.0 RPM from there and installed it.
> Still no luck - so I read the bit in
> about adding some text to fake that your machine is a Windows box (the
> text from the FAQ page is included below) - I did this, but still no luck!
> Anyone got any ideas - they would be much appreciated!
> Thanks, Tom
> [text from FAQ page]
> I can't connect to MSN with Kopete 0.7.2. I thought this version was meant
> to fix the MSN upgrade messages, not break it entirely!
> Running some kernel called 2.4.22something? Kopete normally sends the
> kernel version to the MSN server as a user agent, but the MSN server can't
> handle words in there. So put on your best grin and fake it - add the
> following to $KDEDIR/share/config/kopeterc, in the [MSN] section:
> UserAgent=0x0409 winnt 5.1 i386 MSNMSGR 5.0.0 MSMSGS . This way you look
> like a windows box and the server lets you connect.

Kopete 0.7.4 has fixed that bug, it's at

hope this helps :)