digicam problem HP PhotoSmart 715 suse 9

From: rayar (ray_at_rayar.nl)
Date: 12/01/03

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 22:49:55 +0100

after reading a happy post about digicams in suse i desided to plug mine in
...well it didn't work ;-( does anyone know wat to do?)

this is what i did:
step 1
i hava a camera icon om my desktop when i click it i go to
camera://HP PhotoSmart 715 (PTP mode)/
then i get the message "Could not read file /"
at one lucky moment i saw some more directories in this dir
but clicking it gave errors like "could not initialize..."

step 2
the next thing i tried is via the menu/graphics/photograph
a nice looking programm poped up called "Digikam", I did a "auto detect" at
the preferences and yes there it was a "HP PhotoSmart 715 ", looking good
sofar.....BUT when i goto the camera in Digikams menu I get the message
"Failed to initialize camera.
Please ensure camera is connected properly and turned on"

Sometimes i see the red light on my camera meaning something is accesing
memory ....

gr RaY