Re: kernel 9.0

From: Peter Terpstra (Peter_at_love.antartica)
Date: 12/07/03

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 00:49:38 +0100

Op 07 dec 2003 00:04:14,
schreef in <OftAb.42182$>
 het volgende:

>|> try "rpm -q --changelog k_deflt-2.4.21-144"
>|Ah thanks Hendric, but it wasn't really where I was looking for. I want to
>|patch with the 2.4.22 and all the ac patches, but before I need to do some
>|reverse patching.

>|I could choose to take a complete fresh 2.4.22 source but then I miss some
>|excellent patches from SuSE.

> Get the source RPM used to build the kernel packages, that will contain
> the original 2.4.21 tarball plus all the patches used.

I'm sorry, but thats not where I am looking for.

With kind regards,

         Peter Terpstra