From: Mike (
Date: 12/07/03

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 05:48:39 GMT


My SuSE 8.2 Professional System received an Automatic Update yesterday
that included substantial security changes to the Kernel. I was
prompted to run /sbin/lilo subsequent to the completion of the update.
Nonetheless, I found I could not run /sbin/lilo and, instead, received
an error message:

/etc/lilo.conf no such file or directory

When I checked the BootLoader settings with YaST I found that the
BootLoader is GRUB.

Do I need to sweat this?

Can I reboot safely without writing a lilo.conf file and running lilo?

If no, then anybody have a good lilo.conf script where the system runs
linux without a dual boot?