RH to SuSe

From: Ron Hoffman (bitbucket_at_linkline.com)
Date: 12/20/03

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 19:06:25 -0800

Former RH supporter here, and I'm migrating to SuSe, for reasons
previously expounded on by many I suppose. Only glitch I have so far
is in my mouse behavior in the test box. When I boot, I log in with a
default other than root. When I log out and back in as root, I don't
have a mouse. Log out again and back in, some times I do.

Still in the somewhat steep part of the learning curve between the two
dialects of linux, so some problems are expected. This one has me a
bit bewildered at the moment though. Have read some previous posts
regarding mouse problems, so will pursue those potential problem
solvers. I think those points have already been covered however, so
if anyone has any new insight, your opinions would sure be


A former Red Hat customer.